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What is Targeted Wage Subsidies
British Columbia labour market services defines Targeted Wage Subsidies as an employment program that helps individuals who are experiencing difficulty finding work, by providing temporary wage subsidies to assist employers to hire them. Normally, the subsidy will lead to permanent employment. It also helps individuals who face barriers to employment by enhancing their skills and improving their employability, through the temporary wage subsidies provided to the employers that hire them. To learn more, click on the link below.
What We Do
Targeted Wage Subsidy is an employment benefit program that is funded in whole or part through the Canda- BC Labour Market Development Agreement. It assists unemployed individuals to secure long term employment by providing direct work experience.

At Sante Wage Subsidy Services we play an active role in findng the best fit between the Employer and the Job Seeker. We are a provincially funded service with no cost to either the Employer or those seeking employment.

How To Apply
Yo need to meet with a case manager at your local Employment Assistance Service. You will develop a "return to work" action plan. A case manager will support you through your search of employement. View the link below to find your local Employment Assistance Office.
Our Mandate
We strive to be client centered in all of our activities. This means that you can expect us to work in partnership with you to try and get yo back into meaningful employment as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Job Seekers
To qualify for the service you need to:
  • Have collected EI within the last three years.
  • You have been on Maternity/ Parental Leave witht he past five years.
  • You are currently unemployed.
  • You are seeking full time employement.
  • Difficulty finding work.
Finding just the right employee for the job is not an easy task. Rest assured that our professional staff are fully trained and completely dedicated to helping you. We pride ourselves on our ability to ascertian the skills and abilities of potential employees to ensure that we find the right fit for your organization. Use our services to expand your staff- we will take the pain out of growing your company. This is a provincially funded service with no fees to you as the employer. We will ensure that the candidates we recommend are fully qualified.

This is a great opportunity for Employers.We have a list of employees with the exact qualifications and education you would need for the positions you are hiring for. To put your company on our database, see our contact information on the contact tab.

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